Puppy Training and Health Tips

Happy puppy in training.

Best Puppy Training Books

Every dog owner learns the true meaning of love as the bond with their little one grows and strengthens. The connection is unique for each and every owner and pooch, with our beloved pets unlocking a world of wonder as each of their personalities form. The more knowledge you empower yourself with, the better you …

French bulldog puppy covered in paint and needing to be shampooed

Best Shampoo for Puppies

The sensitive skin of a puppy requires a soothing shampoo that won’t cause any irritation or skin complications. A shampoo needs to nourish the fur of your puppy, supplying key nutrients, oils, and hydration. That’s why we’re giving you a look at the top three options so that you can find the best puppy shampoo …

owner feeding puppy a healthy treat

Best Treats for Puppies

Raising a puppy creates a truly unique bond. Every moment spent with a puppy is a lasting memory. From making sure that your puppy has a selection of stimulating toys, to giving them the best balanced food possible — we all want the best for our little ones. That is why we’ve selected three of …

Pug puppy playing tug of war with one of the best chew toys

Best Chew Toys for Puppies

A puppy who’s in good health is energetic and playful. Man’s best friend needs proper stimulation but who says that fun and games can’t have a host of health benefits as well? Give your growing dog a thoughtfully designed chew toy, and you’re giving them hours of fun that’ll also be good for their teeth, …

puppy chewing on toy

Best Selling Puppy Chew Toys

Puppies need to have the opportunity to chew safely. That’s why we reviewed our favorite teething toys for puppies, but sometimes you just need to check out all your options. Here are the most popular chew toys for dogs according to Amazon best selling list. [amazon bestseller=”puppy chew toys”]

very excited puppy running in grass

How To Calm Down An Excited Puppy

When puppies are excited, it can be hard to calm them down. So, today we’re sharing some tips if you’re wondering how to calm down an excited puppy. How to calm down a puppy The first thing to do is to consider why the puppy is so excited. Is she really happy to see you? …