A puppy who’s in good health is energetic and playful. Man’s best friend needs proper stimulation but who says that fun and games can’t have a host of health benefits as well?

Give your growing dog a thoughtfully designed chew toy, and you’re giving them hours of fun that’ll also be good for their teeth, gums, and general training habits. We’ve put together a look at three of the best chew toys for puppies.

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Top Rated Teething Toys For Puppies

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Puppy Chew Toys Reviews

Because puppies are teething from about 3 weeks until they are 6 months old, you need to make sure you have some good quality puppy teething toys to get you through. Having a few tough (if not indestructible) dog chew toys on hand can save you and your pet a lot of frustration.

Let’s take a closer look at our 3 favorite dog teething toys.

KONG Puppy Toy

The Kong Puppy Toy is one of the most popular treat-dispensing chew toys around. There are lots of features which put this durable teething toy a step ahead of most of the dog and puppy chew toys available. KONG’s puppy toy is available across four different sizes in pink or blue. Let’s take a look at this affordable and highly effective chew toy suited to even the most voracious chewers.


KONG has created a unique rubber toy that’s as near to indestructible as you can get. This cone-shaped toy has a hollow center that’s made for stuffing with your puppy’s favorite food and treats.

In this way, your little one’s chew toy not only helps their teeth and gums, but it provides mental stimulation as well. The irregular shape coupled with a treat inside motivates dogs to figure out how to get the treat out while also giving them a chewing challenge.

This makes the Kong toy one of the best teething toys for large puppies because it keeps them occupied for a long time.

The entire design has been thoroughly tested and comes recommended by canine veterinarians, trainers, and behavior experts around the world (read the reviews). While created for puppies, this is a toy that’ll last into senior years. As your pup gets older, you’ll want to switch to a slightly firmer design, but the chances are that your dog will still love their puppy toy.


  • Nearly indestructible
  • Proven design suited to training
  • Made in America
  • Rubber formulation meant for teething
  • Fetch stick, crate training and chew toy


Harder rubber needed at adulthood

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Pacific Pups Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Pacific Pups Products has elevated the timeless rope toy to unparalleled levels of quality and thoughtful design. Every rope sold helps to support Pacific Pups Rescue. This initiative strives to save dogs who can’t find homes from being killed in shelters across California.

The sincerity has clearly carried across into every aspect of design, packing immense value into this set of 11 almost indestructible dog chew toys. Let’s see what makes it stand out as a winning choice.


These super tough ropes are ideal for dogs of all ages. There are eleven ropes in total, which will clean your dog’s teeth and stimulate their gums. It’s the perfect set for energetic dogs and aggressive chewers.

Trying to help your dog handle separation anxiety or looking to keep them content during crate training? Pacific Pups Product’s has you covered. It is also a great set for anyone that owns more than one dog.

There are nothing but healthy benefits thanks to the all safe construction using no plastics, and no unsafe adhesives and other materials. They’re so safe that each rope complies with the ASTM F-963 Children’s Toys Safety Standards.

Among the toys, you’ll find the giraffe and carrot shaped toys which are specifically designed to come loose for flossing. Every aspect of this product has been carefully put together with the health of your pet put first. Read what buyers are saying about this set.


  • Affordable and high-quality
  • Suitable for all ages and sizes
  • Variety of rope styles and sizes
  • Child-safe composition
  • Enhanced durability for aggressive chewers
  • Proceeds go to good cause


Some ropes too large for puppies

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Chuckit! Ultra Ball

You don’t get a bouncier, tougher ball than the Chuckit! Ultra Ball. This is a toy that’s made to make playtime a pleasure for you and your pooch. From ultra-high visibility to a design that even floats, this is the ultimate ball and chew toy for puppies. Here’s a close look at what makes Chuckit! Ultra Ball such a bestselling toy for young dogs.


The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is the ultimate option for a dog that needs a durable toy that’ll last through almost anything. It’s strong but gentle on the teeth and gums, providing just the right stimulation. The unique design combines bright colors for the greatest visibility with a rubber composition that gives awesome bounce.

Your puppy’s new chew toy is even compatible with high-force launchers for high-energy dogs that need the extra exercise. They’re no risk of ripping it apart, and you can even play with it in water.

Take this ball with to the beach, use it for training, or turn to the Chuckit! Ultra Ball for play — dogs of all ages will fall in love with this toy, and so will you. It’s affordable, fun, and long-lasting – see what other dog parents are saying about the Chuckit! Ultra Ball.


  • Tear-resistant
  • Ultra-buoyant
  • Super bouncy
  • Great firmness for puppies
  • All-natural composition


Can be too bouncy for vast spaces

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Final Verdict

A good chew toy will not only last your puppy through its youth, but it’ll keep them stress-free, entertained, and comfortable instead of distracted when something is distressing. It’s always a good idea to give your puppy a couple of chew toys to play with.

This guarantees that they’ve got a fresh source of stimulation at all times, and it prevents them from totally destroying one chew toy too quickly.

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