When puppies are excited, it can be hard to calm them down. So, today we’re sharing some tips if you’re wondering how to calm down an excited puppy.

How to calm down a puppy

The first thing to do is to consider why the puppy is so excited. Is she really happy to see you? Does he want to play?

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The first step is to help them get some of their energy out!

The most common reason a puppy is overexcited is that they’ve been kept inside or in a crate and need to get some energy out. Take your puppy outside for a walk or grab a toy and play tug of war.

The older your puppy is, the longer you’ll need to play. Very young dogs (less than 12 weeks) will tire out in a few minutes, but older dogs will need about an hour of exercise every day.

puppy running in grass with a ball in mouth
Play with your puppy to help calm him down.

Play with your puppy

Remember that dogs are smart, thinking animals that need purpose. And when they’re young, their brains are still developing. They need stimulation, and if you leave them to their own ideas your shoes are going to lose.

So make sure to let your puppy out to run around and play. The running and playing are absolutely necessary to calm your puppy down.

After a few minutes, your puppy will start to slow down and may want to just sit and chew.

black puppy chewing on toy in grass
Give your puppy something to chew on.

Give puppy something to chew on

Puppies chew because they’re teething. Just like humans lose their teeth, puppies go through the same process.

As the new teeth come in, puppies gums get sore and it’s relieving to chew on something. Give them a toy bone or rubber chew toy to occupy them and satisfy their need to chew.

Be careful with rawhide products. Make sure they’re highly digestible and size appropriate.

woman hugging a black and white puppy
Puppies are calmer when they get loving attention.

Give puppy some love

Dogs are social creatures like people. They crave attention, and they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to get your attention if they’re starving for love.

If your puppy is excited, pet and rub them to calm them down. While you’re rubbing their belly, make sure to say their name many times. When they’re young, saying their name while you give them attention helps them learn it.

Calm down your puppy with these steps

Repeat the play, chew, love cycle many times per day and your puppy will be calm AND happy!

How to calm an excited puppy